January 2013

Beautiful and diverse views of a volcanic island

Driving a scooter around Pulau Samosir in Sumatra, Indonesia

Visiting a volcanic island can be intimidating. Regardless, driving the nearly 100 kms around the Island of Pulau Samosir in Sumatra is a must-do activity while visiting the island nation of Indonesia. Though it is necessary to have some motorbike experience (because the roads do become decently treacherous at parts), the $8 USD spent is well worth the beauty of the ride.

Malacca’s little known art walk

Great mix of culture, history and ambiance that allows travelers to find something they will enjoy.

Malacca is a small costal town in Malaysia that is starting to get recognition as a must see on the Southeast Asian travel loop. Located two hours south of Kuala Lumpur, Malacca offers a great mix of culture, history and travel ambiance that allows backpackers and regular travelers alike to find something they will enjoy.

Cold weather getting you down?

Hot festivals for the dropping temperatures in Colorado

Though the winter weather is far from delightful, Colorado knows a thing or two about enjoying oneself in all climates. Whether a nice outdoor music festival in the falling snow tickles your fancy, or coffin races are more up your ally, Colorado has a multitude of celebrations to guide you into the spring.

Hot Sulfur Springs

Spectauclar views and seclusion in Grand County, Colorado

To continue with the theme of hidden gems while visiting Colorado, I’m going to let you in on a little secret: There are a lot more natural hot springs in Colorado than just Glenwood and Idaho Springs. Some exist at the end of long backpacking ventures, while others just seem to be hidden in plain view.