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Bad Travel Habits

Even the most experienced travelers have things that sometimes put a fork in their unpaved road. It can vary from person to person, and really, from trip to trip. That simple fact is that people aren't perfect, and as much as we would like to have every trip be perfect, there will always be things that that stop us in our tracks. Below is a list of the most frequent bad habits I see in my own travel.

Waiting to pack until the last moment: Though my trip tomorrow begins at 4:00 a.m., I found it more fun hanging out with my family until they were asleep on the couch than I did packing. That left me finishing my packing for my six-month long trip around 1:00 am. Though the packing did get finished, I’m under the impression most travelers begin packing a tiny bit earlier than I normally do. I wish I could say this is the first time I’ve done this…


Not reading my travel guide until in route: The idea of buying my travel guide and having it in my hands is fantastic. In fact, it really makes me feel like the trip is real. Unfortunately, with a trip upcoming, I find myself spending all my time with friends and family, and not reading my travel guide. I’ll plan out certain times to do it, but a call from a buddy or an impromptu hello from a family member seems to always occupy pre take-off time. I’m on a roll with the punches type traveler, but a little preparation goes a long way.


Pulling an all-nighter before getting on a plane: Packing, chatting with friends, making breakfast so I can grab it on the go, setting out my clothes, or really any number of things seems to keep me from sleeping before a trip. Tonight (besides packing) Sports Center, a late night workout and a shower did the trick.


Falling in love with people/places quickly: I’m a wander with a commitment problem. Though I love seeing new places and can pack up and leave at the drop of a hat, that doesn’t negate the fact I become emotionally attached very quickly. If I find myself in a state of jubilation induced by a certain person or place, they monopolize my thoughts for weeks on end. With each exposure, the sensation does start to wane, but being a person who falls quickly doesn’t make traveling easy.


Though bad habits have a negative connotation, traveling is what you make it. As much as hate sleep deprivation, feelings of longing, and being unprepared, it’s a part of me and how I travel. It’s my routine and though it may not be the best, it would be a lie to say I didn’t enjoy every excruciating second of it. Find your routine and make your trip exactly what you want it to be.