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City Park in Mandalay, Myanmar

Aging rides, massage chairs and video games

Imagine the shabbiest, most dangerous, yet raucously fun fair you’ve ever been to. The rides are dilapidated and a bit sketchy, and all the folks visiting seem to be in a weird state of bliss compared to the state of all the entertainment. This, my friends, is exactly what you get while visiting City Park in Mandalay.

City Park is a half theme park, half actual park found near the banks of the Arrawaddy River. Locals (and possibly travelers, but I’m not going to bet on this one) can choose between a plethora of aging rides, “5D” attractions, as well as massage chairs, video games and other various attractions. Below are some pictures of the fun that could be had while visiting!

The view from the street

An aging ride

A few happy locals enjoying their day at the park

A few moments before the woman in pink got sick...

An advertisement of a 3-D haunted roller coaster


The most dangerous slide on earth (even without being able to see the snake living in it)

The scenery around the lake