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Don't be the asshole in the dorm

Respect quiet hours, don't hook up, don't smoke and don't make a mess!

It’s 3 a.m. and unfortunately I’ve been awoken from my slumber. Oh wait, it’s not 3 a.m., it’s the next morning, but that is the hour I was awoken by the A-holes in my hostel who decided to come back and turn on the lights, try to hook up, then try and roll joints and watch TV until I so graciously told them to shut the fuck up and go to the common room.

If you are traveling on a budget, you will inevitably stay in a dorm room. This can be a great experience. You can meet good people, stay in a cool environment and save a good chunk of money. On the flip side, occurrences such as the one mentioned above can sometimes happen. This doesn’t have to be the case, though, as long as you do your dandiest not to be the asshole in the dorm room. Here are some tips on how to avoid it.

Respect quiet hours: You remember the last time you stayed in a dorm room? College? Just like college, dorms abroad have quiet hours. This doesn’t mean you can’t come in whenever you please, but it does mean when you come in late, make as little noise as possible and only come back to the room when you are ready to sleep.

Don’t hook up: That simple; don’t do it. If you meet someone, cough up the money for an individual room or else become resourceful and find a nice secluded place not in a shared, full dorm room.

Don’t smoke in the room: While traveling you find out fast many backpackers smoke. That’s all fine and dandy, but not everyone does, nor wants to be awoken by you chain-smoking right next to their head. Don’t be lazy or a dick. Walk downstairs, outside, etc. especially when people are sleeping.

Don’t be messy: Like all people to share advice, I’m a huge hypocrite. I am quite messy, and while I try to stay in individual rooms as much as possible, sometimes I can’t afford them. With that being said, for those of you like me, don’t be that kid in the dorm. Keep your stuff in your own little corner, not everywhere. It’s not your room; it’s a shard place to rest your head.

This isn’t all encompassing by any means. Please, while staying in a dorm, respect the people around you. Not everyone is a night owl or a morning person. Don’t be that guy/girl who acts like they’ve never shared anything with anyone before.