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Eight Hours in Pulau Ubin, Singapore

I'm currently writing from the Singapore airport, waiting for my flight to Bangkok, Thailand. I had about a nine-hour layover, and decided to skip the hustle and bustle of the city ( I know, I do realize that's counter intutive in Singapore) and visit the little developed Pulau Ubin. The destination is known for being the last undeveloped area in the region, and a haven for bike tourists. I found a deal to hire a "mountain bike," for the day for a little under $6 USD. Here are some photos of what the Pulau has to offer:

This is the ferry from Changi Village to Pulau Ubin

Some interesting PSAs


The Celestial Resort runs deals for a full day of biking combined with either a fish spa or kayaking for about $8 USD


A Muslim gravestone in the Muslim Cemetry 


No bikes allowed on the way to the Mangrove Viewing Tower


Wetland tree roots



Chek Jawa Wetlands trail map


Hidden police academy


Gravestones in the Chinese cemetry

Vanity photo on the go