The laid back vibes of Chandidasa, Bali

The laid back vibes of Chandidasa, Bali

A trip to the small town offers absolute relaxation.

It isn’t everyday a traveler finds a spot where they are forced to become even more chilled out and relaxed than the normal level attained through backpacking. It also isn’t every day that travelers get the chance to visit Chandidasa on the eastern coast of Bali in Indonesia.

Located about two hours outside of the main city of Denpasar, Chandidasa is quickly, but quietly, becoming a must-stop destination for visiting Bali. While many travelers tend to spend a few days in the outrageously loud, eccentric and party driven Kuta area of Bali, Chandidasa boasts the exact opposite.

Though live music is easy to find on a Friday or Saturday, the people of Chandidasa pride themselves on not having, nor wanting, any discotheques or clubs in the town. The tranquil atmosphere is exactly what makes Chandidasa a desired destination.

While Chandidasa is coastal, beach lovers best not rush to book their trip just yet. While it is only a few kilometers drive to the “White Sandy Beach,” (trips offered by every local on the street), there are actually no beaches in the town.

The water flows directly to the manmade blockades of resorts and restaurants, with many establishments having small stairs for patrons to go swim between meals. A few of the resorts along the coast have made their own sandy beaches, but a drink or food purchase is necessary to use them.

For those still wanting to visit Chandidasa, the main draws are small, relaxed snorkeling trips, easy access to nearby hikes, and most importantly, rest and relaxation. Though some of the resorts definitely cost more than the average week of backpacking budgets, deals for some 3 and 4 star hotels drop near the $20 range if booked through Agoda during the low season.

For myself and a friend, a room at the Natia Seaside Resort cost $14 per person. This included a huge morning breakfast, a large, beautiful room with air conditioning, a comfy king size bed and a clean indoor/outdoor bathroom with shower and tub. Did I forget to mention the enchanting swimming area that boasts an infinity pool looking out on to the sea?

While Chandidasa may be a slow pace of life, a trip to the small town offers absolute relaxation. Along with beautiful hotels, local and western food can be purchased at a range of prices and messages can be had starting at around $5 for 30 minutes. If you find yourself needing a vacation from your vacation, Chandidasa may be the perfect destination.