Kiama blows!

Kiama blows!

More than just a one-trick-pony tourist destination.

Sometimes the city life leaves us weary. Sure, Sydney has a myriad of activities to do, wonderful cultural events to see and a vibrant nightlife to indulge in, but it can be tiresome. After a few days or weeks in the concrete jungle, travelers may be yearning for something a little more laid back and inviting. If you find yourself in this position and need a break from the fast pace life of Sydney, a short trip to Kiama may be in your future.

With it being less than two hours away from Sydney, Kiama is the perfect place to get in some much-needed R & R. The seaside town is quickly becoming the destination for those who have city exhaustion and need a dose of classic seaside affairs. It is small, quaint and accommodating, and the town itself is filled with beautiful parks, lovely cafes and great seaside walks. This isn’t the half of what Kiama has to offer.

Though on clear weather days it can be quite underwhelming, one of the biggest tourist attractions in Kiama is the naturally occurring blowhole. The blowhole is the result of eroding cliffs and a small passage where water from the sea can be pushed through a hole into the air. On heavy tide days, the blowhole can send pressurized seawater flying up to 40 feet in the air.

The cliffs that surround the blowhole also offer a beautiful view of the coast. On the walk up, there is a “rock pool,” which is a naturally occurring tidal pool visitors can swim in for free. There is accommodation located directly behind the blowhole and free parking for day-trippers. Along with the rock pool, there is also spa treatment offered at the hotel near the blowhole’s entrance.

While the tourist’s sights are wonderful, the most beautiful aspect of Kiama is the 7 km coastal walk from Kiama to the neighboring Gerringong. While I personally decided to run it, the walk offers amazing views of green rolling hills and seaside cliffs. The path is unpaved and leaves walkers and joggers at the Gerringong Beach upon finishing. The land was formally known as sacred grounds for the Wodi Wodi Aboriginal people, and is remembered by a large stone plaque and two sprawling statues.

If you are looking to get out of Sydney for a few days, Kiama is the perfect place to go. The beaches are lovely, the town is divine and the short drive is well worth what awaits you when you make your way down the freeway.