Giving into hedonistic desires while traveling

Giving into hedonistic desires while traveling

Get romantic, intoxicated and naked

Let’s be real: Traveling is the best part of life. Some people may slave away to load their house with material possessions, but those in the know realize that the best thing to do with your money is see the world. While traveling, you grow, experience new things and get to be whoever you want to be, even if just for a short while. Opportunities seem to come like dimes, and wherever you choose to go, you know you are going to find something to make your time abroad special.

With that being said, I’ve come to the decision that I think it is good to at least give into a few hedonistic tendencies while abroad, even if it is miles away from your comfort zone. While I’m not saying the whole trip should be a binge-drinking, promiscuous tango through a different country, a little bit of fun needs to be had. Here’s a list of hedonistic activities everyone should do at least once.

Travel romances: It doesn’t matter if you are abroad for one week or one year, finding a travel romance completely changes the dynamic of a trip. Though this can be positive or negative, the risk, in my opinion, is well worth it. The fact is, something about being abroad sparks a flame very quickly between two people, so instant, strong bonds are easily created. Though there can be some emotions to deal with later on, don’t think about it, and just act.

Outdoor romance: In lieu of your new travel boyfriend or girlfriend, if you are in a warm, exotic place, a little outdoor PDA is a wild bit of fun that should be had by all. I’m not encouraging a Beatles-esque “Why don’t we do it in the road,” but more so a John Legend, “P.D.A (We don’t care),” type fling. Beaches are great. Dimly lit parks also work. Be creative and be discrete!  

Get intoxicated: I know, I know, this one can be bad. Too many Americans, Australians and Brits travel the world just to get messed up, but this isn’t what I’m going for. I’m not saying travel to Cozumel or the Full Moon Party in Thailand and get blackout, pee-your-pants-drunk. No, I’m saying you should go drink a little drink and enjoy yourself where you are at. There ain’t nothing wrong with a little beer drinking during the day, so why not indulge?

Get naked: Yes, this one is simple. Lose the clothes. Back home we are so restricted and concerned with nudity. We will show people blowing each other’s brains out on TV, but the second a well placed, uncovered body part comes on screen, we get upset. This is a backward idea. Do something naked while traveling. Go skinny dipping. Go lay in a park or hammock in the buff. Do something, do anything, but make sure it is in your birthday suit.

Enjoy being a hedonistic hippie on your next trip!