Easy traps to avoid in the developing world

Easy traps to avoid in the developing world

Booking, bartering and roundtrip tickets

The more I travel around the developing world, the more I realize how different the two worlds are. While traveling unveils the simple fact that people are people all around the world, it also shows how our day-to-day lives can be completely different from one another.

Though we all have aspirations, crave human contact and want the best for ourselves and our loved ones, the fact is, we do have our differences. This occurrence is what makes travel so fun. Below are a few simple things one should do differently when traveling in the developing world.

Don’t book in advance: While in the developed world it is seemingly impossible to do anything without advance notice, in the developing world, booking in advance limits you. In fact, one of the easiest ways to curb spontaneity and increase the amount of money you spend while travel is by booking in advance. Wait until you get to your destination, and maybe even get a cold drink first, before you start booking.

Round trip tickets: Unless you have a short, set amount of time, booking round trip tickets is absolutely crazy in the developing world. This is an easy way for street hustlers to get the most of your money, and once again, can really impede taking advantage of the freedom of travel. One way tickets for any form of transportation (especially domestically) is the best way to book transportation.

Bartering: Though some of the local salesmen are great at pulling out a sob story, only a fool would take the first price they hear during developing world travel. It may not be the easiest skill to acquire, but if you want to save money and combat overcharging other travelers, learning to barter is essential. While there are millions of guidelines, deciphering your best medium to cheap prices will always work best.

Booking multiple nights at a hotel: While I’m not saying you shouldn’t stay multiple nights at a single hotel, what I am saying is that you shouldn’t pay for those nights in advance. Travel plans change on the drop of a dime, and refunds are few and far between. As long as you pay each day and make sure you leave by check out time on your day of departure, all parties are happy. This will save you time, money and peace of mind.

Enjoy your travel in the places unlike your own. Though these rules will help you save some money, this list isn’t all encompassing. Make sure to keep your eyes open for reoccurring themes throughout your trip.